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We are now offering Wingfoiling lessons
This is the latest water sport to hit world, it's super fun, easy to learn and accessible to almost anywhere.

Why kite with us?

  • We have been in the business longer than anyone in Singapore.

  • We teach instructors.

  • We use safe and correct equipment for different conditions.

  • Safety is our top priority 

  • We are certified at IKO level 2 (International Kiteboarding Organization)

  • We have the largest range of equipment for every weight and size.

Singapore Kiteboarding owner/instructor has over 15+ years for teaching kiteboarding, with a windsurfing background for over 20 years. Competed in windsurfing and kiteboarding tours.

Singapore kiteboarding conducts kiteboarding lessons under strict guidelines, safety is our upmost priority.

We've gotten countless beginners up and riding in the most structured system and till today majority of our new students are referrals from past students and friends.

Singapore kiteboarding students get very special discounts and packages for the best kiteboarding brands the market as to offer.

Our Little kite paradise in Singapore

We look for new and exotic locations to kite and teach

13 year old Yanni got up and riding in 2 lessons

Our efforts in making kiteboarding accessible in more locations.

Singapore kiteboarding gets special rates for kiters at Nirwana Gardens Resorts to kite at Lagoi Bay, Bintan

So proud of Chin, for his persistence and taking up a sport he never though he would. He is up and riding.

  • Facebook

Singapore kiteboarding hopes to bring hope to the less fortunate, as such we started "Kite for Hope" follow the FB link to see what we did.

Our Lessons and Instructors

Singaporekiteboarding lessons are conducted using only the best and safest available equipment, together with qualified instructors, you get only the best. 

Singaporekiteboarding started in 2003, supplying kiteboarding equipment to the few kiteboarders then, and started the 1st kite school in Singapore in 2005. Back then, the kites were different, the safety features were different, we have seen how kiteboarding has evolved as such, we will be able to give you the best advice and instructions during lessons.

Besides being certified which sets the guidelines for lessons, our instructors are the most qualified, having travelled to various locations around the world and experiencing the best and the worst of conditions for teaching, we will be in the best position to conduct lessons in the most efficient and safe manner.

Our Equipment

Needless to say, we use only the best and safest equipment, to guarantee our students an enviable experience.

We carry and use products for our lessons such as Airush (which is used by world champion Alex Pastor), Nobile (which builds the best kite and snowboards in the world), Gaastra (the pioneer brand in windsurfing and kiteboarding), Mystic accessories, which most top riders are using.

We were the first to use two way intercoms via walkie-talkies with our students and have since upgraded to, state-of-the-art waterproof intercom systems. This enables us to have clear and concise communication between student and instructor. 

latest gear

in depth analysis 

learn to fly

safe environment 


 Lessons at a glance

  • Private Lessons (1 on 1) - $300/2hrs

  • Group lessons (2 to 4 students) 

  • 2 students - $400/2hrs

  • 3 students - $450/2hrs

  • 4 students - $500/2hrs

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